We provide immersive media training for scientists and other science- and environment- related professionals. Our academic training as scientists and our careers as filmmakers have taught us the difference between how scientists communicate with their peers and how they need to communicate if they want to engage the public. We offer one- and multi-day workshops to equip you with the creative and production skills you need to create effective visual media outreach. We can tailor these workshops to the needs of your lab, department, classroom or organization.

HERE is an article on the National Geographic Website about one of the workshops we taught in early 2014.

Below are some of the results from these workshops. Each of the videos below is the first film our students ever produced. In less than a week, they learned how to develop a science story, storyboard, use DSLR cameras, shoot, edit footage and sound, export a completed film, and upload it to the web. We’re always blown away by the results of just one week of training, and our students are too!