Telling interesting stories about the world through film and photography is what drives us. If you have a story, we can help you bring it to life and get it in front of the right audience.

We are a full-featured broadcast-ready production company based in the United States. We specialize in telling stories about science, nature, conservation and adventure. Our team of Ph.D.-trained scientists and award-winning filmmakers is passionate about bringing cutting-edge science, inspiring stories and important messages to broad audiences. Our projects range from broadcast documentaries, web-series and advocacy films, to classroom films and fundraising campaigns. 



Owner / Producer

NEIL LOSIN, PhD | Owner / Producer

Neil Losin is a biologist, photographer, and filmmaker based in Miami, Florida. Neil earned his Ph.D. in UCLA’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2012, studying the evolution of territorial behavior in invasive lizards in Florida and the Caribbean. In 2010, Neil co-founded Day’s Edge Productions with fellow biologist Dr. Nate Dappen. Since then, Neil and Nate have produced films for clients like National Geographic, World Wildlife Fund, TRAFFIC, University of Miami, National Science Foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and others. Their award-winning short film Snows of the Nile chronicles their 2013 expedition to re-capture historical photos of tropical glaciers in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains, creating a visual record of a century of climate change. Their first 1-hour film – Islands of Creation, to be broadcast in 2015 – is a documentary about how new species originate, filmed on location in the Solomon Islands. Nate and Neil also teach film production skills to fellow scientists through immersive workshops at universities and research centers.


Owner / Producer

NATE DAPPEN, PhD | Owner / Produce

Nate Dappen is a biologist and an award-winning photographer and filmmaker. His images, films, books and other projects have been featured by organizations like National Geographic, The Washington Post, Scientific American, The World Wildlife Fund and many others.  Nate was a Collegiate Scholar of the North American Nature Photography Association, is a Fellow National Member of the Explorers Club and is an Affiliate Member of the International League of Conservation Photographers. He graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2005 where he studied photography and biology. In 2012, he got his PhD in evolutionary biology and behavioral ecology from the University of Miami, FL. Along with Dr. Neil Losin, Nate founded Day’s Edge Productions where they focus on creating media about science, nature, conservation and adventure themed stories. Nate currently lives in Highland Park, New Jersey but spends many months of the year creating films and other media projects around the world.



MORGAN HEIM | Producer

Morgan Heim has been sneezed on by a whale, stampeded by bison and almost mistaken for salmon by hungry grizzly bears, all of which she took as great compliments, considering they let her live to spy on wildlife for another day. With a background in zoology (BS) and environmental journalism (MA), Morgan employs photo and filmmaking techniques ranging from aerials to camera traps and good old-fashioned photojournalism in order to share human stories of the natural world. She is an Associate Fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers, (iLCP), on the board of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) and alum of the prestigious Missouri Photo Workshop. Her work has appeared in the Banff Mountain Film Festival, as an official select in the Wild & Scenic Film Festival, and in such outlets as Smithsonian, National Parks, National Geographic NewsWatch, GEOLino Extra, NPR.org, The Nature Conservancy and High Country News. Morgan currently resides in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband Philipp and their tree-climbing dog, Javier. 


Production Manager

KORI PRICE | Production Manager

Kori Price is the jack-of-all-trades in marketing, graphic and web design, as well as event and film production. Graduating with a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia, she has since served as Festival Director of the prestigious Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival & Conservation Summit as well as the Science Media Awards & Symposium, a producer of seven TEDxJacksonHole events, and has also helped produce a variety of other community films and projects, including One Day in Jackson Hole. Kori has Idaho roots, but her passion for culture and adventure has taken her across four continents as an au pair, a writer, an English teacher and trekker. Kori currently inhabits Jackson, Wyoming, and spends her free time camping, hiking and frolicking in the mountains.